Ukulele & Guitar Tuition/Coaching

Before becoming manager of our store, Mickey spent thirty years working as a guitar teacher, and nearly forty playing in bands, gigging all over the UK and around the world.

But then Covid happened, and along with the everyone else, he had to adapt to the changes it brought about: the gigging stopped completely, and teaching was no longer a reliable source of income, so instead Mickey decided to focus his attentions on developing Galleria Guitars.

Though the commitment of running Galleria Guitars prevents Mickey from offering regular lessons, he can provide ad hoc sessions which will give you the opportunity to pick his brains and maybe gain a fresh perspective on aspects of your ukulele and/or guitar playing you might be finding a challenge, or discover a different approach you may not have considered before.

These sessions are conducted at our showroom during business hours [though, of course, we close for the duration of your appointment] and cost £20.00 per hour. To book, please click the button below.

*If you are looking for more regular lessons, we do have contact details for a number of local teachers. Please call for further info...